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Abhinayaa Institute of Research and Fine Arts is the brainchild of Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan, an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer who has contributed immensely to this dance form. Started in the year 1997, Abhinayaa has grown tremendously over the years and the students have won laurels all over the country under the guidance of their talented Guru, Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan.

Abhinayaa’s association with the noted film actor and dancer Sudha Chandran has inspired numerous aspiring dancers to take up this dance form and achieve formidable heights in this field. Nearly 190 students have performed their Arangetram under the guidance of Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan and the numbers continue to swell every day. The institute has been training students in various other dance forms as well with a mission to inculcate passion for all dance forms.


190+ Arangetram Students
7+ Years Association with Sudha Chandran
18+ Years of Abhinayaa Institute
350+ Students
50+ Performances in Temples


Holistic Learning

Abhinayaa believes in a holistic approach to learning any dance form and our training is deep rooted in following a traditional approach

Expert Guidance

Guru Dr. Chitra Vishwanathan is the epitome of grace and talent and her vast experience and expertise has helped to hone and perfect the skills of hundreds of aspiring dancers.

Structured Courses

Our all inclusive courses from Beginner to the Senior level are tailor made to train the students in the theoretical and practical aspects of the dance form.

World of Abhinayaa

Explore the World of Abhinayaa as we give you a sneak peek into the outstanding achievers of our institute, our Arangetram students who have done us proud over the years and our courses to help you master your skills at various levels.

Courses at Abhinayaa

Fully structured courses to train the students

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Our groups of Arangetram dancers over the years

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Gems of Abhinayaa

Students who have achieved success over the years

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Our Associations

Our Arangetram Dancers

Our staggering number of Arangetram dancers is proof in itself for our passion to produce the best dancers!